Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C Serum


  •  A glow-boosting daily serum packaged with the goodness of Vitamin C that brightens and tones sun damaged and dull skin with dark spots and blemishes for brighter, even-looking skin.
  • Vitamin c serums are clear liquids containing a high concentration of ingredients that aim to repair particular skin concerns.
  • It is more potent than creams or oils and is available in various concentrations and pH levels for different skin types.
  • Since it comprises smaller molecules, it penetrates deep into the skin and shows better results than other skin products.

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Direction to Use


Apply 2-3 drops on Face and Neck.


Leave on to dry, before moisturizer.


For Best results always use along with cleanser, toner regularly.

What makes us Unique?

Benefits Of Vitamin C Serum

Hydration & Brightening

Reduce redness, hyperpigmentation and appearance of under-eye circles

Promotes collagen production, help prevent sagging  &protect against sun damage

Soothe sunburns and  help wound healing


Vitamin C derivative,
Niacinamide ,
Aloevera juice,
Provitamin B5 ,
Papaya extracts,
Orange extracts

Organic. Tested. Certified.

We are non-compromising when it comes to customer-focused quality. Each of our products undergoes rigorous quality control procedures to meet FDA and BIS regulatory requirements and testing standards.

Natural ingredients

100% Handmade

Chemical Free

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